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L.J.CLAY Memorial page
This page is dedicated to my Father who passed away peacefully on Friday 30th August 2002,enthused with seeing Hawker Hart biplanes flying from nearby Anstey airfield,he joined the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve in 1941 leaving his job as a factory worker at the Alvis which was a reserved occupation,however his volunteering for aircrew over-rode this and his job was kept open until the war was over in Europe.
He learned to fly in America under the famous Arnold scheme which ensured a supply of potential airmen for the British fighting forces,it is my intention to add information on his amazing life in these pages as and when it is researched from the mass of material that is now in my custody,I feel very honoured to present this proud record that I have of him and to share this with you all-

I make no apology for the quality of these historic pictures which have been taken straight from old scrapbooks and albums of the day,a few withered edges,early Panchromatic film and scratches all go to add to the charm and character of the images,these are for you Dad.